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DENTALXCHANGE Announces Integrated Attachment Service

* Industry-leading ClaimConnect product now features time-and-cost-saving attachment feature

* Product eliminates the need for third-party software

IRVINE, Calif., (April 26, 2017) – DentalXChange, the creator of industry-leading electronic claims software, ClaimConnect, has released a new attachment service to optimize the claims process for both payers and providers.

The attachment service is fully integrated into the ClaimConnect application, offering enhancements and improved claims management previously unavailable to dental offices. These enhancements save providers’ time, as well as improve the efficiency and quality of documentation for the payers, according to Scott Wellwood, President of DentalXChange.

“This is a natural extension of our industry leading online claims service,” says Wellwood. “The idea of having to go back and forth between separate software systems in order to prepare claims is antiquated. Now, we have a single software application for creating claims and attaching documents, resulting in improved efficiency for providers.”

The company’s new attachment service allows dental providers to attach supporting documents such as x-rays, periodontal charts, EOBs, narratives or any other documentation that may be required by dental insurance companies to adjudicate a claim, without having to open a separate program or mail hard copy documents or films.

“Time is a crucial element when it comes to insurance claims,” says Wellwood. “Payers need supporting documents to accompany the claim in order to fulfill the providers’ expectation of prompt payment. Our new attachment service addresses both of these needs, and does so in a way that is intuitive to the user.”

Wellwood continues, “Much like other technologies being created in every industry, our goal is to not only save users time, but also to provide cost savings. Our providers will save about 30 percent compared to their previous annual attachment software cost, while our payers enjoy the benefits of improved validation logic down to the plan and specialist level – a first in the industry. This minimizes the number of attachments being sent and reduces costs for all.”

DentalXChange’s new attachment service was created and refined based on input from longstanding customers.

“When we began designing this software, we talked to a wide range of our providers and payers. Their input led to significant improvements and functionality, with many features that are industry firsts,” Wellwood explains.

Some of the customer requested features include:

* System Notifications

Alerts notify the user when an attachment is required, increasing speed and reducing errors on the provider’s side, which in turn decreases denials and follow-up time with insurance companies.

* Optimized Image Tools

DentalXChange’s attachment software offers highly functional image tools including high-quality image resolution, and the ability to rotate, zoom, and change image brightness and contrast to better examine attachments.

* Fully Customizable Platform

The attachment service can be customized and integrated into Practice Management Systems, delivering flexibility to personalize the software as needed.

* Secure Archive

Payers and providers can view submitted claims and attachments in a secure online archive at any time.

* Low Cost, Contract-Free Structure

DentalXChange’s attachment service does not require a contract. Providers have the flexibility to sign up for the service on a monthly basis. While many attachment services charge users upwards of $450 annually, DentalXChange offers its attachment service at a price of $25 per month ($300 annually) with no annual maintenance fee.

“While similar services exist, DentalXChange’s attachment service is the most comprehensive,” says Wellwood. “Payers can rely on us to rapidly deliver the high-quality images they need, while providers enjoy the ability to easily and seamlessly submit their X-rays and supporting documentation.”

About DentalXChange

Since 1989, DentalXChange has earned industry-wide acclaim and recognition for pioneering the web-based dental EDI solutions industry. Today, it has grown to support a current client base of over 41,000 dental healthcare offices. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, DentalXChange accounts for more than $4 billion in dental claims annually. Through its own clearinghouse and secure web portals, the company processes nearly 69 million EDI transactions, consisting of more than 41 million dental claims annually.

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