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CS 9600 CBCT System Recognized as a 2019 Best of Class Technology Award Winner

CS 9600 CBCT System Recognized as a 2019 Best of Class Technology Award Winner

ATLANTA—Carestream Dental is proud to announce that its latest CBCT system, the CS 9600, has received a 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award. The system is a perfect reflection of Carestream Dental’s mission to transform dentistry, simplify technology and change lives.

“The CS 9600, launched in late 2018, has been changing the way doctors practice and having a major effect on clinical outcomes since the get-go,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D., chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, said. “To receive this coveted award less than a year after the system’s introduction not only makes us extremely proud but acts as a challenge for our entire company: We’ve achieved the highest honor in the dental industry, now what? We continue to hold ourselves to the highest standard; push ourselves even further in research and development; deliver innovative solutions to the industry; and work even harder to change patients’ lives.”

Transforming Dentistry

The CS 9600 is a transformative multifunctional system that combines 2D imaging, CBCT imaging, object scanning, 3D facial scanning and, coming soon, optional cephalometric imaging. Combining a wide selection of fields of view with exceptional high-resolution imaging, the system can meet the needs of all clinicians—from endodontics to maxillofacial surgery to examining TMJ and sinus—and is available in three editions with 10, 12 and 14 FOVs.

“When we started CS 9600 project, we spent months researching the pain points and unmet needs of doctors and staff to ensure we’d deliver a best-in-class CBCT,” Stephane Varlet, global product line manager, extraoral imaging, Carestream Dental, said. “We focused on clinical experience and on functions that would make doctors’ and assistants’ work easier. The goal of the CS 9600 was to be smart enough to guide users through the process of capturing the perfect image, yet easy enough that they could achieve their goal on the first try.”

Simplifying Technology

The system features cutting-edge technology that makes first-time-right imaging easier and more efficient. Video cameras, not lasers, aid in patient positioning. Digital, interactive guides are projected onto the patient’s face on an integrated SmartPad touchscreen interface that then walks the user through the positioning process. Pre-set programs minimize the risk for errors and quality control tools let the operator check the image immediately after the scan. The system can even detect when the wrong accessory is inserted for the type of exam selected and recommend the correct one, further ensuring users get the right image the first time.

Once an image is captured, doctors can use the exclusive metal artifact reduction tool, CS MAR, to compare images with and without the scatter often caused by metal. This leads to more confident diagnoses and faster treatment.

The CS 9600’s advanced technology doesn’t stop with image capture and diagnostic tools. CS UpStream turns the CS 9600 into a connected device that sends data back to Carestream Dental. The system’s historical behavior is easily accessible to the Carestream Dental support team to prevent downtime and maximize system availability.

Changing Lives

The patient is at the forefront of the CS 9600’s design. The system’s high-power tube allows clinicians to acquire images at 120 kV for reduced starburst artifacts and enhanced image quality without increasing dose to patient as compared to 90 kV acquisition. CS Face Scan, which captures images of the patient’s face and superimposes it onto a CBCT scan, helps him or her visualize final outcomes and makes it easier to accept treatment. An optional integrated seat provides added comfort and stability during patient exams or can be easily rotated to the side to accommodate patients in wheelchairs.

Ultimately, the CS 9600’s intelligent interface, highly accurate images and advanced software changes patients’ lives by getting them on the road to recovery and a restored smile sooner.

The system was selected to receive the 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award by a panel of the most prominent technology leaders in dentistry: Paul Feuerstein, D.M.D., technology editor for Dentistry Today, John Flucke, D.D.S., technology editor for Dental Products Report, Marty Jablow, D.M.D., known as America’s technology coach, Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, D.M.D, editor-in-chief of Inside Dental Hygiene, Chris Salierno, D.D.S., editor-in-chief of Dental Economics, and Lou Shuman, D.M.D., CAGS, founder and creator of the Best of Class Technology Award.

“If there isn’t a clear winner in a category then we won’t select one,” Chris Salierno, D.D.S., Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award panel member, said. “This award is about letting the public know when a company has raised the bar.”

Since the inaugural presentation in 2009, the Best of Class Technology Awards have grown to occupy a unique space in dentistry by creating awareness in the community of manufacturers that are driving the discussion as to how practices will operate now and in the future. For more information on the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Awards and the 2019 award winners, go to cellerantconsulting.com/bestofclass.

For more information about the CS 9600, visit carestreamdental.com/CS9600. Or configure a system that fits your practice’s unique needs at carestreamdental.com/9600Config. Learn more about Carestream Dental, and all its innovative solutions, at carestreamdental.com.

About Carestream Dental
Carestream Dental is transforming dentistry, simplifying technology and changing lives around the world with its innovative digital product line of systems, solutions and support. From intraoral and extraoral imaging equipment to CAD/CAM solutions, imaging analysis software to practice management systems, Carestream Dental technology captures two billion images annually and aids in more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care. For more information or to contact a Carestream Dental representative, please visit carestreamdental.com.

About Cellerant Consulting Group
Founded and led by CEO Lou Shuman, D.M.D., CAGS, Cellerant provides strategic dental market insights, clinical expertise, implementation resources and support to accelerate growth for client dental companies. Cellerant services include new concept incubation, clinical product evaluation, product development, continuing education program development and CE sponsorship, strategic branding and marketing, online marketing, content marketing and dental media relations management. As an orthodontist and former owner of a 10-doctor multi-specialty private group practice, Dr. Shuman guides clients to offer products that engage dental customers and provide sustained differentiation. Cellerant operates under a unique model that merges leading voices in clinical product evaluation and strategic partner companies to provide a menu of services from one easily accessible network.

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