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Carestream Dental – CS 8100 3D system

Developed with endodontic needs in mind

carestream-dental-cs8100-3dcarestream-dental-cs8100-figure2When it comes to the use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in endodontics, there are three features that are crucial: selectable fields of view, the ability to capture high-resolution images, and an intuitive interface. Carestream Dental’s CS 8100 3D system delivers in all three of these areas to ensure that endodontists are able to easily incorporate CBCT imaging into their workflow.

CBCT imaging for endodontists

Featuring four selectable fields of view, ranging from 4 cm x 4 cm to 8 cm x 9 cm, the CS 8100 3D has the ability to collimate the region of interest — allowing doctors to comply with the recent CBCT recommendations issued by the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (AAOMR).

With the EndoHD mode (5 cm x 5 cm), users are able to capture ultra-high resolution scans to see even the smallest details of root and canal morphology necessary for diagnostic and treatment planning needs. And, for added flexibility, endodontists can capture high resolution scans of the jaw with the unit’s 8 cm x 5 cm field of view.

User-friendly workflow

When CBCT imaging is too complicated or cumbersome, it’s unlikely to be used every day. Featuring a user-friendly workflow, the CS 8100 3D is fast and easy to use — making it an ideal imaging tool for endodontic practices. Simply select the desired program, and the system captures the right image. For further ease of use, the system incorporates a smart bite block with letter landmarks, making it virtually impossible to miss the region of interest and eliminating the risk of retakes.

Patient positioning and comfort are also improved thanks to the unit’s design. Face-to-face positioning enhances the patient experience and improves imaging, while the system’s rigid support with integrated handgrips holds the patient stable. The unit can also accommodate patients of all sizes and is wheelchair accessible.

Intuitive 3D imaging software

When capturing high-resolution images, there are a large number of slices that must be reviewed. For this reason, endodontists need a tool that is capable of evaluating a massive amount of data in an intuitive way. Fortunately, the comprehensive and user-friendly CS 3D Imaging software (included with the CS 8100 3D) was developed with endodontists in mind.

The software’s 3D rendering view and slice-by-slice views are displayed simultaneously for an enhanced viewing experience, and the software can be easily shared with referrals for improved colleague collaboration. For further convenience, CS 3D Imaging software also integrates with implant planning software.

Of course, patient education and communication are important components of CBCT imaging. With the CS 3D Imaging software, endodontists can easily review images with patients so they are better able to understand the proposed treatment plan — resulting in improved case acceptance.

Compact technology

Featuring an extremely compact footprint and lightweight design, the CS 8100 3D system can be placed in almost any practice — even in the smallest spaces. This means endodontists can take advantage of the many features associated with CBCT imaging without sacrificing valuable real estate.

As a sophisticated piece of technology in a compact unit, the CS 8100 3D delivers the features that matter most to endodontists. To learn more about Carestream Dental’s portfolio of imaging products and software for endodontic practices, please call 800-944-6365, or visit carestreamdental.com today.

This information was provided by Carestream Dental.

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