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ASI’s Ergo iTech Delivery System Integrates Auxiliary Technology

Back_OpenFront_with MonitorASI’s newest Advanced Endodontic delivery system, the Ergo iTechTM, integrates, houses, and hides auxiliary equipment, streamlining the use, look, and feel of the operatory.

A door-mounted shelf can house a miniature computer CPU, and the network cable runs hidden alongside the umbilical to connect to the server.

Dual USB connections link devices such as digital sensors. Extra storage space hides tabletop instruments such as obturation devices and charging stations.

An articulating monitor mount can attach an LCD screen to the cart, which can make explaining treatment plans easier with clear digital imaging.

The patient’s experience is enhanced by creating a well-designed, fully-integrated setting for a one-on-one consultation.

Visit ASI’s website at www.asimedical.net or call 303-766-3646 for more information.

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