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This special section focuses on group practices that are committed to the success of endodontists and their teams.

Cornerstone Dental Specialties

Tell us about your unique endodontic practice model.

We are the largest Mobile Endodontic Practice in North America. Instead of patients accessing their endodontic treatment in the traditional brick-and-mortar system, we provide services at the referring dentist’s office. We furnish everything, including the dental assistant in a turn-key system. All we require is a little help from the front desk to schedule and take a deposit, and the use of one to two chairs on the days we perform root canals. Patients love this method of accessing care. Nobody likes to drive across town to a new environment, especially in pain and under stress. The referring dentists love it as they never lose the patient, and they can start and bill their final restoration often the same day. We are clinician owned and privately held.

What size is your group, and what are your growth plans?

Currently, we have approximately 45 providers who service over 250 locations in 13 states. Since 2004, we have completed over 1 million RCTs as a group. Cornerstone Dental Specialties is our largest division, which is focused on supporting DSOs and larger groups. Our division that supports individual private practices is called enroot™ — it is our fastest-growing platform. Our plan is to add 22 to 25 providers over the next 3 years.

What type of provider thrives in this unique system?

We look for providers who are comfortable with working in 10 to 13 different locations on a rotating basis, usually 30 to 60 minutes away from their home base. Some offices have a demand for 2 days a month, others 1 day. Most of our providers perform six to eight RCTs in a typical 8-hour day, but the providers always control their schedules and their treatment protocols. We do not get involved in that. We are a support organization; they control their practice. We are PACE certified, and we have a massive “state-of-the-art” training facility in Irvine, California. All our providers have seasoned mentors to help, and we offer training in every aspect of endodontics, including a Fellowship for general dentists who want to focus on endodontic therapy as their main area of practice. Some of those Fellows go on to work in our environment, and some go back to private practice.

Why do providers choose to join one of these platforms?

In both cases, most of our providers are looking to get their clinical skills enhanced without worrying about all the hassles of starting a private practice or entering as an associate having to work hard to build their own referral network. Being able to get ramped up and generate an above average income in year one is very appealing. They like the support, and we manage every aspect of their nonclinical duties — all on a mobile app so everything is at their fingertips. They can just focus on delivering great care. We have providers who are recent residency grads, providers who have sold their practice, and providers who did this on their own and like being mobile but not managing the business aspects.

Why would a provider choose Cornerstone Dental versus enroot™ as a model?

Providers who tend to lean toward Cornerstone are usually ones that just want to work as Independent Contractors or Employees. They may have a large debt load or are going to sunset in 5 to 7 years and want the security of an established base of business day one. Also, available markets often are limited. The enroot model tends to attract more entrepreneurial personalities that want to be involved in building their businesses. It’s a hybrid approach of ownership with support and risk mitigation but not zero risk. However, it has no geographical constraints, but markets with limited specialists increase the odds of success.

How do providers learn more?

For more information on the DSO/Group model, visit For enroot™, our ownership model for private practices, visit Also, feel free to email

For more information

Visit for information on the DSO/Group model or scan the QR code.. For enroot™, our ownership model for private practices, visit

Endo1 Partners

What inspired you to establish your group practice?

After finding that existing partnership organizations did not truly understand the unique needs of dental surgical specialists, Drs. Matthew Haddad, Daryl Dudum, Mark Haddad, and Darron Rishwain came together to establish Endo1 Partners. Their vision was to build a first-of-its-kind endodontic partnership organization that provides business and operational support services to reduce administrative burden, increase efficiency, and fuel growth for a nationwide network of like-minded specialists.

What is the most rewarding part of growing a successful group practice and team?

Endo1 Partners has experienced rapid growth since making their vision a reality. As a result, the leadership team has had the opportunity to connect with more specialists than they ever could have imagined and support them as they take their practices to the next level.

More than 175 specialists from over 100 locations across 15 states have formed new professional and personal relationships within a growing network of specialists. While they operated independently of one another before, they now have the chance to work together to streamline practice management and maximize the patient experience because of the Endo1 Partners platform.

What differentiates your group practice from others?

Endo1 Partners is the only group practice that was founded and is led by practicing endodontists. Endo-owned and endo-run means the Endo1 Partners model is distinctive.

For example, partners tell the organization what they need—not the other way around. While all partners are required to use accounting, human resources and IT services, other services are offered a la carte. The Endo1 Partners team will work with partners every step of the way to identify other services their practice needs to drive success.

In addition to centralized services, partners enjoy group benefits and discounts, and professional development opportunities. Endo1 Partners also provides the latest industry information, including current best practices, tools, and techniques from best-in-class specialists and practices.

What is the best part of being a part of a group practice?

Partnering with Endo1 Partners enables specialists to receive all the benefits of joining a group practice, while maintaining control of their businesses. Partners retain equity and control of their practice, so they can continue to treat patients under their brand and with their existing team.

How do you keep all members of the group feeling important and heard?

Endo1 Partners operates more like a tight-knit family than a business. The leadership team visits with potential partners to ensure a good fit and stays in touch even after partners have been integrated. Additionally, Endo1 Partners hosts annual partner meetings where partners can socialize with one another, network with vendors, and earn continuing education credits.

This culture of support and open communication enables partners to achieve a high level of trust, comfort, and transparency with the Endo1 Partners network. This culture will not change even as Endo1 Partners continues to grow.

What does the future look like for Endo1 Partners?

In just two years, Endo1 Partners has become the largest and fastest-growing group dedicated specifically to supporting specialists. Endo1 Partners expects to continue this impressive growth trajectory, as it evolves from a single group practice into a family of brands. This continued interest and sustained growth really demonstrates the strength and potential of Endo1 Partners.

It’s Time to Thrive Together

You deserve to have control over your business, as well as the peace of mind that comes from the support of a nationwide network. With Endo1 Partners, you can have both! Get in touch with Endo1 Partners today to learn how we can help you thrive on your terms.

With the support of Endo1 Partners, there is nothing you can’t do!

U.S. Endo Partners

What is U.S. Endo Partners?

Established in 2018, U.S. Endo Partners is an endodontist-led, patient-driven specialty services partnership. We give endodontists the community and resources they need to help more patients, provide outstanding care, and save more teeth — all while living vibrant, balanced lives. Our collaborative and supportive environment thrives on helping doctors achieve their loftiest goals, while growing together as a team.

How are you more collaborative?

Our mission is to provide growth and opportunity for our doctors; our keys to success are our collaborative culture and steadfast commitment to our core values.

We are dedicated to pursuing excellence and learning through humility. Along with our expert business partners, we work collectively to carve a forward path that elevates our individual and group performance and advances our specialty. We cultivate a culture of trust, respect, and gratitude — mentoring one another and teaching best practices in clinical care, practice management, and leadership. These efforts not only improve us as clinicians, but also make us better people.

We meet regularly in-person and online to stay connected to one another and collaborate with some of the most-respected names in endodontics. Our vast network allows us to stay abreast of key trends, issues, and innovations that are important to, and affect, our specialty. We devote time to sharing information and experiences on a deeper level and charting our course. U.S. Endo Partners is led by an unsurpassed Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) with decades of experience under its collective belt. Our CAB guides our endodontists through clinical practice questions and concerns.

How does U.S. Endo Partners support its endodontists?

Simply put, we meet our doctors and their teams where they are. All our practices join with a desire to grow and improve, but each journey is unique — recognizing that allows us to offer every practice a customized approach, while leaving doctors fully empowered and in control of their success.

From finance and marketing to compliance and insurance, U.S. Endo’s growing team of professional experts provides information that enables our doctors to better understand their business, so they can make the right decisions for themselves, their teams, and their futures. When the need for improvement is recognized, we support our partners by providing customized solutions and resources to help them navigate and implement changes — lessening the pains of growth and speeding up the rewards of success.

How would you describe your culture?

We are a true partnership — accessible, dedicated, and invested in each other’s success, and committed to constant learning and improvement. Together we strive to help more patients, expand access to care, and spread the life-changing power of saving teeth.

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