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In this series, Lisa Moler, Publisher & CEO of Endodontic Practice US, sits down with Dr. Tom McClammy to gain insight on how he has adopted a new technology, grown his practice and continued to support Endodontic education.
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Learn More About Dr. Tom McClammy

Dr. Thomas V. McClammy graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry in 1982. Over the next 15 years, he created a remarkable general practice in Oregon, and passionately pursued continuing education courses to fulfill his insatiable desire to learn. In 1996, Dr. McClammy was accepted as a post- doctoral endodontic resident at Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. He earned a Master’s degree as well as a certificate in endodontics in 1999 from his mentor, Dr. Herbert Schilder. Currently, Dr. McClammy has a full-time endodontic and implantology practice in North Scottsdale, Arizona, and is well known for his expertise, passion, and extraordinary teaching skills. Dr. McClammy has lectured nationally and internationally on endodontics and implantology, frequently incorporating CBCT into his presentations. He has been a contributing author to the 10th Edition of Pathways of the Pulp (Dental Clinics of North America, July 2014), the Journal of Endodontics, and the 2nd Edition of Atlas of Cone Beam Imaging for Dental Applications by Dr. Dale Miles. In addition to practicing, Dr. McClammy currently teaches intimate endodontic and implant courses in his state of the art, microscope-equipped teaching center, HORIZON DENTAL INSTITUTE (, located adjacent to his Scottsdale office, where he continues to impart “Schilder Endodontics” to students from around the world.

About the Interviewer

Over an entrepreneurial career that spans over three decades, Lisa has grown a reputation as one of the dynamic forces in the American publishing industry. She began her advertising career by managing print and electronic media sales representing iconic media brands AZ Visitor, Phoenix Magazine, KTVK TV 3, Primedia, among other notable companies. She launched her dental marketing career over a decade ago with AZ Doctor of Dentistry, which she successfully published for over six years, before launching her current 4 other niche dental publications.

After founding MedMark, LLC in 2005, Lisa has launched numerous dental specialty publications that include Endodontic Practice, Implant Practice, Orthodontic Practice US, and Dental Sleep Practice magazine. As MedMark’s CEO/founder and publisher, she leads the company's business strategy, while cultivating business development opportunities and establishing strategic industry partnerships.

Her high energy and extensive sales, marketing, and advertis
ing experience combine to build a culture of performance, respect, trust, and collaboration.

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