Bio-C Sealer ION+

Bio-C Sealer ION+ premixed bioceramic sealer represents a new class of calcium silicate, which has unique crystalline structure and chemical composition. Read more about it in this product profile.

A new class of calcium silicate

BIo-C Sealer ION+ is an innovative premixed bioceramic sealer, patented new material, used for root canal filling and internal resorption treatment. It is based on a new class of calcium silicate, which has unique crystalline structure and chemical composition, different from traditional calcium-silicate materials.

To obtain this new bioceramic, a mixture of silicon, magnesium, and calcium oxides is used, replacing aluminum oxide with magnesium oxide in its composition. Previous studies have shown the effectiveness of materials releasing magnesium ions in treating bone defects, promoting osteogenic differentiation and significant mineral deposition. Magnesium ions stimulate an increase in alkaline phosphatase in osteoblasts and enhance intercellular junctions, indicating a positive correlation with cellular activity.

Figure 1: Bio-C Sealer Ion+ Syringe with translucent intracanal tip

Bio-C Sealer ION+ functions by releasing these ions in a chemically balanced environment created by an alkaline pH. Upon contact with body fluids, it forms a silica-rich gel layer on its surface, facilitating enzymatic changes that influence cellular differentiation and promote tissue formation. It aids in the repair and regeneration of tissue-bone and dentin-pulp complexes.

In clinical practice, Bio-C Sealer ION+ offers a practical, easy, and efficient procedure. It is conveniently packaged in premixed syringes with disposable intracanal tips. To preserve its physical properties, each syringe contains a small quantity of 0.5 g and is accompanied by a metallized pouch containing silica gel that protects the product from moisture.

Figures 2 and 3: Clinical case kindly provided by Professor André Michelotto (Curitiba/PR – Brazil). 2. Initial CBCT. 3. CBCT after 7 months postoperative

5 reasons to choose BIO-C® SEALER ION

  1. Resin-free and eugenol-free material: BIO-C® Sealer ION does not contain resin, making it easy to clean the pulp chamber only with water. It is also biocompatible, causing no postoperative pain. And being eugenol-free, it does not negatively interact with other root canal procedures such as post cementation.
  2. Excellent flowability: With a flow of approximately 24 mm and micronized particles smaller than 2 µm, BIO-C® Sealer ION has excellent viscosity. It efficiently penetrates different branches of the complex root canal system and easily reaches the dentinal tubules, promoting a hermetic and three-dimensional filling.
  3. Compatible with cold or warm technique: BIO-C® Sealer ION remains stable at the maximum temperature reached by equipment during root canal filling techniques that involve heating gutta percha (up to 392ºF). Unlike other sealers that degrade at temperatures close to 291.2ºF, it maintains its integrity.
  4. Low solubility: With a solubility of less than 3%, BIO-C® Sealer ION prevents bacterial reinfection by ensuring a homogenous filling without gaps after setting. This increases the chances of successful treatment.
  5. No tooth staining: BIO-C® Sealer ION contains zirconium oxide as a radiopaquer, allowing for excellent radiographic evaluation (≥ 7.0 mm Al) by the dentist, and unlike other products on the market that contain bismuth oxide, it does not cause tooth


This information was provided by Angelus.

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