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U.S. Endo Partners supports excellence and provides value for their partners and associates by positioning endodontists to achieve success.

U.S. Endo Partners grew out of the idea that there is power in numbers. Together, endodontists can be a force for greater change. With their unsurpassed practice support, U.S. Endo Partners continues to drive change for good for their endodontists by increasing their purchasing power and amplifying their voice in the specialty while decreasing their time away from patients.

“I’m an advocate for our doctors. I’ve experienced the breadth of what a clinician can experience…. I work on their behalf to make things as good as we can make them.”

–Dr. Jeremy Young, Operational Excellence Leader of U.S. Endo Partners

Additionally, adding value to the lives of their partner endodontists makes up a large part of the DNA at U.S. Endo Partners. This includes putting experts in the right place to maximize their success and to continually put learning and educational opportunities at the forefront of their partnership.

With adding value for their endodontists in mind, U.S. Endo Partners recently created the Operational Excellence Leader position. According to Dr. Jeremy Young, the first person to hold this title, it speaks directly to how much U.S. Endo Partners values their partner-clinicians and associates.

“I’m an advocate for our doctors,” says Young, humbly. Jeremy Young has over 20 years of clinical practice experience. Young started as an associate. He has been a sole practice owner. And he has also been in a group practice. He understands many of the challenges endodontists face because he faced them himself. “I’ve experienced the breadth of what a clinician can experience,” said Young, “so I can relate to the doctors. I work on their behalf to make things as good as we can make them.”

U.S. Endo Partners created this position to streamline responsiveness for their partners and associates by tasking Young with three primary missions.

First, Young guides new associates. The partners have prioritized the experience for new associates. “We want to think about their experience,” says Young. He does this by monitoring their progress to keep their experience a positive one with the goal of retaining these starting endodontists from their first patient to their retirement. “We want to think about that process and what type of value U. S. Endo can bring them,” added Young.

Second, Young focuses on the long-term implications for U.S. Endo. As practicing endodontists retire, recent endodontists look to ascend to their positions. This is the projection of a practice life cycle, says Young. “We want to think about who steps into their role as the managing doctor in their practice.” This includes offering additional education opportunities — specifically, teaching business acumen and leadership or reading a profit and loss statement. Anything a peer clinician might not have a chance to learn through the normal course of attending patients. Added Young, “We want to give opportunities for a junior doctor to learn those things; this will make becoming a senior doctor easier.”

Third, Young’s job is to foster collaboration between doctors. “How can we share ideas across our platform?” asks Young. The goal is not only to communicate ideas but also to foster a sense of community and partnership among all doctors under the U.S. Endo umbrella.

Young says that no practice is an island. Everyone benefits by sharing the best ideas instead of learning the hard way by trial and error and having to go through all these processes. “If we can kind of capture the best ideas from the group and share them among all the partners,” says Young,” it’s a quicker way to success, and I think everyone wins when we do that.”

U.S. Endo Partners supports excellence and provides value for their partners and associates. They believe in putting experts in positions to succeed. They prove this belief by putting an endodontist in charge of endodontist experiences.

This drive for excellence informs all levels of the U.S. Endo Partners experience. From your first day with U.S. Endo Partners, they take away roadblocks to your success to put you in a position to achieve your success.


This information was provided by U.S. Endo Partners.


Read more about how U.S. Endo Partners understands the clinical and business challenges of the endodontic practice here: https://endopracticeus.com/u-s-endo-partners-2/

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