The importance of ultrasonic irrigation in modern endodontics

Editor’s intro: Vista Dental offers products that facilitate predictable irrigation and can lead to greater success in endodontic procedures. Read about the products that can positively impact your practice.

Dr. Freddy Belliard discusses the use of Vista Dental’s products in developing a predictable irrigation regimen

The goal of root canal cleaning and shaping is the removal of vital or necrotic tissue, microorganisms, and their by-products while providing space for placing obturation material. The ultimate goal is the complete removal and disinfection of the endodontic space.

The tools used in mechanical enlargement of the root canal space are limited in their ability to conform to the intricate root canal anatomy. It has been shown that conventional instrumentation leaves as much as 35% of the canal anatomy untouched. Instrumentation and irrigation, although important factors in canal disinfection, cannot in themselves be relied upon for optimal canal cleanliness. As the market trends toward techniques requiring fewer instruments, these techniques have had a negative impact and consequence of less associated irrigation, which has impacted endodontic retreatment rates.

Acoustic streaming and cavitation have been proven to significantly enhance cleaning of difficult anatomy. When ultrasonic activation is introduced, irrigant streaming and cavitation occur, resulting in significantly improved debridement of canal spaces, disruption of biofilm, and improved penetration of irrigants into dentinal tubules. The ultrasonic activation of irrigants greatly reduces bacteria levels, ultimately improving the prognosis and ability to seal.

EndoUltra® is the first and so far only cordless activation device available. Not tethered to a wall or machine, the cordless device is easily incorporated into one’s existing irrigation protocol. Incorporating this product as well as enhanced irrigants into irrigation protocol is an effective, predictable method of improving endodontic care.

Enhanced irrigants paired with ultrasonic activation are key to thoroughly cleansing canal anatomy.

Vista Dental’s patented solutions, Chlor-XTRA™ and SmearOFF™ 2-in-1, are great options when developing a predictable irrigation regimen.

Chlor-XTRA™ is an enhanced NaOCl. Proprietary chemistry gives this 6% NaOCl a lower surface tension, allowing for improved penetration into canal anatomy and significantly faster tissue dissolution compared to standard NaOCl.

SmearOFF™ is an EDTA-based formula enhanced with chlorhexidine. SmearOFF™ not only effectively removes the smear layer but also kills bacteria in one easy step. Unlike other 2-in-1 mixes, SmearOFF™ is compatible with sodium hypochlorite and will not form a precipitate — eliminating steps and saving time with each procedure.

Vista Dental’s irrigation products offer you the ability to simplify the irrigation process and therefore more predictably achieve endodontic success.

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This information was provided by Vista Dental Products.

Besides predictable irrigation, Vista Dental’s products have received recognition in the dental community. Read about how the Phasor® composite heating system was selected as a winner in the 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology award here.

Freddy Belliard, DDS, specializes in microendodontics in Guadalajara, Spain, and is also the Co-Chairman of Roots-Summit 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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