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EndoUltra’s™ effective ultrasonic activation is a game changer

Improving outcomes is a primary goal of endodontic treatment. Clinical studies have proved that ultrasonically created acoustic streaming and cavitation when combined with effective irrigating solutions produce cleaner canal anatomy. As the leader in Endodontic Irrigation, Vista Dental™ continually focuses on improving the effectiveness of endodontic irrigating solutions and the means to more safely and …

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Anastomotic wound management

The new Micro 1 x 2 tying forceps with thumb lock from Laschal Anastomotic wound management in the oral cavity has always presented unique ergonomic challenges. Delicate mucogingival closures in tight, confined surgical sites, demanding two sets of hands holding assorted retractors, suction apparatus, forceps, and needle holders, often lead to frustration at the end …

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Your loved one needs a root canal

Which result would you want them to have? SS White worked with a team of leading GPs and Endodontists to design and develop the first Minimally Invasive Endodontic Root Canal Treatment System. Conservation matters For strength and restoration life Conservation is the preservation of structurally sound tooth. The more dentin you save, the longer the tooth will last. …

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