EndoSequence® BC Temp

EndoSequence BC Temp bio-ceramic paste offers extended antimicrobial activity and more. Read about all of its benefits here.

EndoSequence® BC Temp syringe

BC Temp is a premixed, non-setting bioceramic paste used for intracanal dressing. Unlike traditional calcium hydroxide pastes, the primary components of BC Temp are calcium silicates and calcium oxide, which allow BC Temp to exhibit a gradual and slow release of calcium and hydroxyl ions. This extends its effective antimicrobial activity and eliminates the need for frequent applications. BC Temp is highly radiopaque and non-staining, exhibits optimal flow characteristics, and does not set hard — thus it is easily removed, which reduces chair time. Furthermore, BC Temp is compatible with BC Sealer due to its bioceramic composition.

Why upgrade to BC Temp?
  • Gradual and sustained release of both hydroxyl and calcium ions: BC Temp is composed of calcium silicates and calcium oxide, which create Ca(OH)2 when exposed to moisture in the root canal. BC Temp has three different crystalline structures, each with a distinct rate of hydration: This gradual/staged release eliminates the need for frequent applications. Traditional intracanal dressings start as Ca(OH)2  and have a larger particle size, which leads to faster disassociation of calcium and hydroxyl ions. Furthermore, BC Temp’s unique formulation releases more calcium ions than traditional Ca(OH)2, which makes it more effective at hard tissue formation and faster healing of periapical lesions.*
  • Stronger antimicrobial activity: BC Temp has been shown to be effective against resistant bacteria such as E faecalis and S aureus at minimal inhibiting concentrations. Under the conditions of the study, a leading competitor did not show antimicrobial activity at the concentration tested.* While more studies are underway to compare BC Temp versus other Ca(OH)2 materials, the manufacturer believes that BC Temp is more effective due to its unique calcium silicate, calcium oxide, and glycol salicylate formulation and the small particle size, which allows for more effective penetration versus conventional Ca(OH)2.
  • Less cytotoxic with potential for better healing: BC Temp has been shown to be less cytotoxic compared to Ca(OH)2, A recent study concluded that the tissue damage, initially caused by BC Temp (due to the high pH, which is normal and required for a intracanal dressings) is suppressed more quickly compared to those caused by the leading competitor, favoring the repair of connective tissue.*
  • Better compatibility between BC Temp and bioceramic sealers: Push-out tests showed that BC Temp did not influence the reduction of bond strength in teeth filled with bioceramic sealers. Multiple other studies have shown that Ca(OH)2 reduces the bond strength of sealers when there are trace amounts left in the canal.*
  • Improved handling: BC Temp features a small particle size, so it exhibits optimal flow characteristics. Traditional Ca(OH)2 can be gritty and may be difficult to deliver into the canal. According to our clinical evaluators, BC Temp flows smoothly from the 29-gauge precision tips provided and is easy to apply deep into the canal.
  • Easier to remove: According to a recent study, BC Temp was easier to remove compared to a leading competitor under the conditions of all three of the removal methods. Three different removal methods utilized were a conventional syringe and needle, XP-3D irrigation, and ultrasonic irrigation.*
Capital letters mean statistical difference between lines. Lowercase letters mean statistical differences between columns.
Conv: conventional syringe and needle technique; XP: conventional technique associated with XP Endo Finisher Instrument; US: conventional technique associated with ultrasonic inserts

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*      Studies referenced are available upon request and were not shown here due to space limitations.


This information was provided by Brasseler USA®.


BC Temp is just one of the EndoSequence line of products. Read more about other products that are redefining endodontic obturation and root repair procedures here: https://endopracticeus.com/5055/

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