BIO-C® Sealer ION+

BIO-C® Sealer ION+ brings many benefits with its innovative formula — read about its excellent flow and ability for use with warm or cold techniques.

BIO-C® Sealer ION+

BIO-C® Sealer ION+ is a ready-to-use bioceramic root canal sealer

BIO-C® Sealer ION+ is displayed in a syringe with intracanal tips, which allow the product to be easily inserted directly into the root canal up to the most apical region.

In addition to being easy to use, it presents an innovative formula with modified calcium silicate with unique characteristics in terms of biological activity, which constantly releases calcium ions that will stimulate the production of hydroxyapatite and accelerate bone regeneration.

Image courtesy of Prof. João Vicente Barbizam

5 reasons to choose BIO-C® Sealer ION+

  1. Resin-free and eugenol-free material

BIO-C® Sealer ION+ does not have resin in its composition. Therefore, it is easy to clean with water. In addition, BIO-C® Sealer ION+ does not cause posttreatment symptoms and, as an eugenol-free material, also does not interact negatively with other products that can be used in the root canal (such as adhesive cements).

  1. Excellent flow

With a flow of approximately 24 mm and micronized particles smaller than 2 µm, the product has excellent viscosity that quickly penetrates into different ramifications of the complex root canal system, in addition to penetrating more easily into the dentinal tubules, favoring the formation of a hermetic and three-dimensional filling.

  1. Possible to use with cold or warm technique

Root canal filling techniques that use the heated gutta percha reach a temperature of 392°F. BIO-C® Sealer ION+ remains stable at this temperature unlike other sealers that degrade at temperatures close to 291°F.

  1. Low solubility

With a solubility of less than 3%, bacterial reinfection is avoided as it will not have the formation of gaps in the material after its setting, ensuring a homogeneous filling and increasing the chances of successful treatment.

  1. Radiopaquer

The product contains zirconium oxide as a radiopaquer, resulting in an excellent radiographic image (≥ 7.0 mm Al), in addition to not causing tooth staining like other products on the market that uses bismuth oxide instead.

This information was provided by Angelus.

Besides BIO-C® Sealer ION+ Angelus Dental also offers MTA Repair HP, with a more putty-like consistency. Read about it here:

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