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Editor’s intro: For development and manufacture of industry-leading bioceramic dental materials, Avalon Biomed is focused on an evidence-based approach to saving teeth and attention to customer care.

Industry-leading bioceramics focused on serving endodontists and saving teeth

When Avalon Biomed Inc. was acquired by NuSmile® Ltd. in late 2016, it was a coming together of two technology leaders with a shared passion for taking both an evidence-based approach to saving teeth and a “high touch” approach to customer care.

NuSmile’s Avalon Biomed develops and manufactures industry-leading bioceramic dental materials, including NeoMTA Plus®. This versatile, radiopaque MTA (tricalcium silicate bioceramic) is universally indicated for vital pulp and periapical tissue contact for root canal sealing, root-end filling, resorption treatment, perforation repair, obturation, pulp-capping, base/liner, apexification, and pulpotomy. When NeoMTA Plus cement sets, its matrix will contain calcium hydroxide. Its bioactivity forms hydroxyapatite in situ on its surface, which leads to dentinal bridging, or cementum reformation, as part of the healing process after a pulpal or endodontic procedure. NeoMTA Plus delivers biocompatibility, radiopacity, and superb clinical handling, along with a putty-like consistency, faster setting times, and washout resistance. Moreover, unlike other MTAs, NeoMTA Plus doesn’t stain the tooth, and it is significantly lower-priced. Named the “Top Endodontic Reparative Cement” for 5 consecutive years by THE DENTAL ADVISOR, NeoMTA Plus truly is the new standard for MTA.

Veteran NuSmile executive and Avalon Biomed President Mark Binford says Avalon Biomed has been the perfect fit for NuSmile Ltd., the world leader in esthetic pediatric crowns for over 28 years. “Bringing Avalon Biomed into the NuSmile fold has gone even better than we had hoped,” he said, “and a big reason is that both companies have always been laser-focused on quality, innovation, customers, and outstanding value.” Both companies are also passionate fans of bioactive bioceramic technology. Dr. Carolyn Primus, Avalon Biomed founder and NuSmile Director of Product Development, said, “When a dental procedure isn’t performed using optimal materials, a cascading effect of reparative procedures may occur that further compromises a tooth. By using bioceramic materials in pulpal and other endodontic procedures, you can prevent or slow the downward cascade to tooth loss.”

Under Mr. Binford’s leadership, the company has several new bioceramic products in the pipeline for endodontic and pediatric indications, but he isn’t showing his hand yet. “I wish I could say more, but I can assure you that they will deliver the same blend of performance and value that Avalon Biomed and NuSmile are renowned for,” he said. “We’ve just scratched the surface in our mission to offer the best bioceramic dental materials. We’re confident that these new products will become the industry standard for endodontists, pediatric dentists, and general dentists.”

According to Mr. Binford, “Just as with any other highly specialized business, building a great reputation by offering the best service, the best scientifically proven materials, and outstanding value is a sure way for a dental practice to build customer loyalty and referrals.” Mr. Binford and Dr. Primus are determined that Avalon Biomed provides all these to its customers so they have no shortage of new patients, which seems like a great way to ensure that Avalon Biomed has no shortage of new customers.

This information was provided by Avalon Biomed.

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