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Monetizing your Practice Value with an IDSO Partner

This is an electronically delivered self-instructional course for dentists.
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Webinar AGD Code: 550 | Webinar CE Credits: 1 | Webinar Duration: 1 Hour
Webinar Live Date: April 9, 2021 | Webinar Expiration Date: 04/09/2023

Presented by: Chip Fichtner, Principal

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Webinar: Large Practice Sales - April 2021

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About The Webinar

This webinar will discuss how to monetize your Endodontic practice value with an invisible dental support organization. We will detail the step-by-step process from becoming a client to cashing in your account. Some key concepts that will be covered include quality of experience process, the process of finding and meeting with IDSO partners, your employment agreement, which IDSO you do NOT want to partner with and why, the lawyers to use and why, negotiating with multiple bidders, the EBITDA calculation game, future compensation, various structure options, navigating the lease issues, and associate extortion attempts.

CE Learning Objectives:

  • Discern what is an invisible dental support organization
  • Understand what is EBITDA and why is it important
  • Find out What steps to take to prepare for a partnership
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About The Presenter

Chip Fichtner

Chip Fichtner is a serial entrepreneur for 40 years. He started, bought, and sold dozens of businesses and was chairman or CEO of multiple public companies. Chip has been featured in media including CNBC, The Wall St. Journal, Forbes, Money, Dental Economics, and many others. He has also presented globally on economics, marketing, and practice monetization since 1982.


Disclosure: Chip Fichtner is the principal and speaker for Large Practice Sales and receives financial compensation for the products mentioned in this webinar.

About the Sponsor

Large Practice Sales (LPS) helps dental professionals of all specialties monetize their life's work, all or in part. Our unique niche is matching great doctors who are not yet ready to retire with invisible dental support organizations which become silent partners in the practice. Doctors get cash now at today's high valuations and remain running their practice under their brand for however many years in the future they choose with their new partner's capital and support to accelerate growth.

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