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Bioceramic Battle: David vs Goliath

This is an electronically delivered self-instructional course for dentists.
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Webinar AGD Code: 070 | Webinar CE Credits: 1 | Webinar Duration: 1 Hour
Webinar Live Date: February 23, 2022 | Webinar Expiration Date: 02/23/2025

Presented by Ryan M. Walsh DDS

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CE Educational Webinar

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About The Webinar

Provide you with key differences and similarities between popular bioceramic sealers to help you make an educational choice of the product you wish to integrate into your clinical practice. This course will help bust the myths of how corporate Endo seeks to cast doubt and fear towards innovative market disruptor, Avalon Biomed.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the importance of bioceramic materials
  • Identify key differences between scientifically based bioceramic materials
  • How to integrate these materials into a clinical practice
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About The Presenter

Ryan Walsh

Ryan M. Walsh DDS

Dr. Ryan M. Walsh attended the University of Iowa where he completed both his Biology and Dental (D.D.S.) degrees. He relocated to the great state of Texas to continue his education at Texas A&M University College of Dentistry (formerly Baylor College of Dentistry) where he received his specialty Certificate in Endodontics and Master of Science in Oral Biology.

Dr. Walsh is a Board-Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics and an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Texas A&M University College of Dentistry. He has written and published multiple articles in peer reviewed journals and serves as a Key Opinion Leader for several companies in the dental industry. Dr. Walsh has lectured both nationally and internationally on bioceramic materials and maintains an active research interest in this field.

About the Sponsor

Avalon Biomed is an independent, U.S. based bioceramics manufacturer located in Houston, Texas. Every product is manufactured under the strictest U.S. and international regulations. Today, we are delivering better, evidence-based bioceramic technology while the big endo materials companies are content with the status quo. Because we believe the world needs a higher standard of care.

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