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CORPORATE PROFILE – Ultradent Products, Inc.

History of Ultradent

Dr. Dan E. Fischer is the founder and president of Ultradent Products, Inc., a dental manufacturer with a 35-year history of innovation and quality. Now an international leader in the dental industry, Ultradent began humbly — in Dr. Fischer’s basement with his children as its first employees.

Ultradent Products, Inc

Following graduation from Loma Linda University in 1974 and starting his own dental practice, Dr. Fischer realized that rapid, profound hemostasis was imperative for quality tissue management and operative dentistry. Because there were no products on the market that predictably controlled bleeding and sulcular fluid, he decided to develop one. Using his natural-born insight, determination, and willingness to work after hours, Dr. Fischer began experimenting with different chemistries, even drawing his own blood to test their hemostatic effects. Within a short time, Dr. Fischer came up with what are now Ultradent’s flagship tissue management products, Astringedent®, and later ViscoStat®.

Business grew rapidly, and over the next 35 years, Ultradent expanded from a home operation to a 220,000-square¬foot facility, which presently houses more than 1,000 employees. Ultradent is the most vertically integrated dental company in the world — manufacturing over 90% of its products (which includes over 500 materials, devices, and instruments) at its South Jordan, Utah, headquarters. Ultradent prides itself on its technologically advanced way of doing things. In fact, with the exception of the auto industry, Ultradent uses more robotics than any other company west of the Mississippi.

Instead of saving on production costs through outsourcing, which many U.S. manufacturers do, Dr. Fischer firmly believes in the opposite. He says, “The more one outsources, the more one ships production, or R&D, or other aspects to other parts of the world, the more one loses touch with what has made them who they are.”

Dr. Dan Fischer

Ultradent continues to lead the way through invention and innovation. The company holds numerous U.S. patents (both granted and pending) and continues to expand internationally into many parts of Europe, Asia, and South America. Beyond its humble beginnings in tissue management products, Ultradent’s product family now includes world-class adhesives, composites, tooth whitening systems, and more. Ultradent has also expanded its reach to orthodontics, serving as the parent company of Opal Orthodontics. Its South Jordan headquarters even boasts an onsite orthodontic clinic.

Although Ultradent strives to offer the latest and greatest in technology, Dr. Fischer’s passion for a minimally invasive approach to dentistry has and will continue to guide the development of every new product created in the future.

Ultradent Endodontics

Like the story behind the conception of Astringedent, Ultradent’s endodontic solutions were born out of necessity. Dr. Fischer noticed a need for a successful endodontic protocol that could be done with the minimally invasive criteria he is so passionate about. The result was Endo-Eze® AET™ (Anatomic Endodontic Technology) classic stainless steel files, which utilize a reciprocating motion. These uniquely designed files proved very effective in following the natural canal shape and minimizing apical transportation and ledging. This new approach paved the way to the array of endodontic products Ultradent offers the clinician today.

Building on the success of the Endo-Eze AET classic stainless steel files, Ultradent developed the world’s first hydrophilic and self-priming resin sealer, EndoREZ® canal sealer. When paired with the NaviTip® — with its flexible, stainless steel cannula, designed to easily navigate curved canals — EndoREZ canal sealer offers easier obturation in less time, has the same radiopacity as the gutta percha, and consistently delivers a complete, thorough seal. It’s also worth noting that the NaviTip was the first tip on the market capable of safely delivering irrigants to the apex.ultradentproducts

Building on the success of the AET files, Ultradent created the Endo-Eze® AET™ TiLOS® system — a hybrid of stainless steel and NiTi files optimized for the company’s 30-degree reciprocating handpiece, Endo-Eze® Arios®. The award-winning TiLOS system features a user-friendly, straightforward instrumentation sequence, and comes in autoclavable, preconfigured packs. The RediPack offers tools to address each canal according to its unique anatomy and is equipped to treat 90% of endodontic cases. TiLOS’ ribbon-shaped, ovoid handles also provide more comfort and ease of grip to the clinician than ever before. The Endo-Eze Arios’ reciprocating motion facilitates rapid, complete, uniform instrumentation of all the walls in an irregularly shaped canal, while preserving more tooth structure than traditional rotary systems. The pairing of Arios with the TiLOS files thus accomplishes a “milling” action, instead of a “drilling” action, while also eliminating file breakage.

Ultradent’s vision to “Improve Oral Health Globally” through minimally invasive dentistry and to design products as an answer to the call of clinicians worldwide continues to shape the success of the company in this, its 35th year in the industry.

To learn more about the endodontic products mentioned or the wide array of additional endodontic solutions provided by Ultradent, please visit ultradent.com, or call 800-552-5512.

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