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Ultrawave™ and the Ultrawave™ XS

S141010 ultrawave FeatureOUTH JORDAN, Utah, September 29, 2014–Ultradent Products, Inc. proudly presents Ultrawave and Ultrawave XS—a new line of piezo ultrasonic devices for the clinician seeking a power scaler that is gentle to the tooth surface while also powerful enough to remove the toughest calculus.

The Ultrawave line of piezoelectric devices allows for a variety of uses—from the workhorse of your hygiene operatory to restorative, perio, or endodontic treatments.

Thanks to intuitive Reflex™ technology, both Ultrawave and Ultrawave XS offer optimized performance, reduced chair time, and more comfort for patients.

After years of refinement in the developmental process, Ultrawave and Ultrawave XS offer reliability and efficiency for successful treatments every time. Their ultrasonic piezoelectric linear motion moves back and forth, in contrast to the ellipse of magnetostrictive competitive devices, providing more complete scaling with less effort. The linear motion provides greater consistency and faster performance while treating the tooth more gently.

Ultrawave and Ultrawave XS’s patented Reflex technology features an auto-tuning system, a push-pull system, and a feedback effect. The benefits of this include automatic real-time frequency adjustment (28 kHz–36 kHz) and a controlled amplitude of the tip vibration for smooth operation and patient comfort. Instantaneous adaption and maintenance of power prevents the tip from getting “bogged down” when applied to a dense or heavier load. Both units come with a lightweight handpiece that doesn’t heat up or vibrate, feature a generous 6.5’ cord, and have a compact design for increased mobility and convenience. The Ultrawave XS features an LED handpiece and self-contained irrigation tank with 300ml capacity.

Additionally, Ultrawave and Ultrawave XS offer a convenient Color-Coding System, coordinating the power selection with the different tips. The internal transformer adapts based on the tip and power selection. Both units are compatible with 70+ “S” style tips and are autoclavable at 134°C with a removable nose cone.

To learn more or purchase Ultradent’s new Ultrawave and Ultrawave XS piezo ultrasonic units and handpieces, please call 800.552.5512, or visit ultradent.com

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