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RDH — You have the POWER to CARE Communicate, Assess, Refer, Educate

For over 100 years the public has come to know you, the Registered Dental Hygienist, as someone they can count on, turn to and confide in when it comes to their oral health.

You are a natural at communicating treatment options. Hygienists are natural educators, coaching and empowering their patients to make informed decisions based on evidence and science.

Straumann is proud to be your commercial partner in CARE – to do what you do best for your patients – Communicate, Assess, Refer, Educate.


Straumann recognizes that you are a master in communication beyond the dental chair.  Patients look toward you as a trusted mentor, confidant and often times, translator. The true art and science you embody is the ability to communicate the results of your patient’s evaluation and inform them of treatment options.

Having the right communication tools on hand is critical in guiding your patients to the appropriate treatment options. Below are some tools you can use with your patients right away.

Download more information about the Periodontal Patient Model

Download a Perio Flow Chart

Request a 3:1 Model

Request a Perio Wheel (create request form in survey gizmo with name, phone, email, mailing address and account number – if they have one)

Download Patient Brochures https://www.straumann.us/en/professionals/resource-center/brochures-and-catalogs.html


Early detection is key in any health related situation and in particular oral health.  You are the front line in assessment from intake to long term care. Head and neck screenings, oral evaluations, comprehensive charting and radiographs are all a part of the primary diagnostic criteria essential to form an accurate diagnosis.

Collecting and gathering patient profile data to enable the doctor to make a diagnosis requires time and focus.  In an effort to make your job of assessing a patient easier we’ve created some handy reference tools to keep near your workstation.

Download the Periodontal Flow Chart

Request a Periodontal Wheel (same as above)

Download Patient Brochures https://www.straumann.us/en/professionals/resource-center/brochures-and-catalogs.html

Have an iPad®? Download the Straumann Patient App today! (link)


Patients look to you for guidance and need you to be a third party validator.  The importance of when to refer depends on the skills of an educated team.  Dentists rely on the partnership with the dental hygienist to assess each patient’s status of health or disease, communicate these findings to the patient and involve the patient in the co-diagnosis and awareness of condition.

Provide your team and patient with the latest scientific evidence to support treatment options and referrals.

Download more information on the use of Emdogain™ in root coverage procedures – McGuire Science Flash

Download more information on the long term data on Emdogain™

  • McGuire 10 year science flash
  • Sculean science flash

Download a summary of the science of Emdogain™ (USLIT292 Ittingen Consensus paper)


We understand and appreciate that you value education as much as we do. Excellence in continuing education is our commitment to you as you strive to provide your patients with the best care possible.


Based on our commitment to you and to your patients, it is our goal to offer a comprehensive continuous education program for hygienists with the latest information available. Our course program aims to address all skill levels.

If you are interested in participating in our training and education program, search for our courses online.


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