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Planmeca® ProMax® 3Ds and 3D: New imaging mode for endodontics offers perfect visualization of the finest details

140605 PP Planmeca

The Planmeca® ProMax® 3Ds and 3D units are designed for capturing the smallest anatomical details with precision. High-resolution images with a 75 μm voxel size and efficient artifact removal make these units an ideal choice for versatile endodontic case planning and precise diagnostic capabilities.



Noise-free images

140605 PP Planmeca 01

The Planmeca AINO (Adaptive Image Noise Optimizer) is an intelligent 3D noise filter that removes noise from CBCT images without losing valuable details. The result is a crystal clear, highly diagnostic image. 

  • Analyzes the reconstruction exposure data during reconstruction and adaptively differentiates noise and fine details
  • AINO filter is enabled in Planmeca Romexis® 3D capturing dialog, while the original image is also stored and accessible 
  • Improves image quality in endodontic mode where noise is inherent due to small voxel sizes
  • Also useful in ultra low-dose images

140605 PP Planmeca 02

Artifact removal

Planmeca ARA artifact removal algorithm removes shadows and streaks from the 3D image, such as those caused by metal and root fillings. 

Ideal patient support

The adjustable patient support keeps the patient’s head firmly and comfortably in place, providing high-quality images without artifacts caused by movement.

Comprehensive Planmeca Romexis® software

All ProMax units include Planmeca Romexis open-architecture software with versatile tools for endodontic diagnostic and treatment planning needs, such as true measurements and 3D visualization of root canals.

CBCT applications in endodontics:

  • Assessment of endodontic treatment complications
  • Diagnosis of periapical pathosis
  • Root canal system anomalies
  • Determination of root curvature
  • Trauma diagnosis, such as root fractures, luxation, displacement of teeth, and alveolar fractures
  • Localization of root resorption
  • Determination of exact root apex location in pre-surgical planning

Planmeca ProMax 3Ds and 3D: true all-in-one units

  • CBCT, panoramic, anatomically accurate extraoral bitewings, and optional cephalometric imaging
  • Optional 2D SmartPan allows 2D and 3D images to be taken with the same sensor
  • Optional Planmeca ProFace 3D facial photo for advanced case presentation, operation pre-planning, and treatment follow-up

This information was provided by Planmeca.

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