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Optimal office design and planning with ASI

asi-img1How to achieve a high-end look for the state-of-the-art endodontic treatment room

Designing your treatment room
Modern endodontists who are looking to increase revenue though optimized patient referrals should consider the following five goals when designing their treatment room:

  • Invest in technology versus non-productive office build-out costs. In today’s competitive environment, it is vital that endodontists invest proportionally more of their office development costs into revenue- or referral-generating technology that will distinguish the treatment room from that of traditional dental office designs.
  • Enhance the patient experience and perception through the technological interface used during procedures and by removing unsightly clutter of cabling, wires, and extra foot controls.
  • Improve treatment efficiency to minimize unnecessary motions in order to perform treatment in the least amount of time necessary, allowing more procedures to be performed in one day without compromising quality.
  • Facilitate ergonomic positioning and methodology for both the endodontist and the assistant. A more comfortable practice method is critical for extended treatments and improves the mental focus of the team.
  • Have a flexible operatory space that can be easily reconfigured as needed or upgraded with new technology as it becomes available.

Implementation steps to achieving your office design goals
Once you have determined your goals, achieving a distinctive operatory that is optimized for endodontic treatment can be accomplished in three easy steps.

asi-img2Step 1: Consider alternatives to cabinets
Create an operatory design that will be flexible enough to grow with you to help you to achieve your ultimate financial goals. A system that allows modular integration can save significantly on office build-out costs by eliminating traditional expensive wooden dental cabinets. The considerable amount saved by potentially not buying cabinets can go a long way toward the technology purchases you do want to prioritize. ASI provides integrated delivery systems designed for the endodontic specialist and assistants’ carts that work in conjunction with digital radiography, microscopes, and computerized inputs.

asi-img3Step 2: Design your system for the way you practice
ASI’s exclusive instrument panel design allows integration of your preferred instruments in the order you choose. Each modular panel accommodates a wide range of electronic instrumentation, including electric motors, rotary motors, ultrasonics, apex locators, and obturation devices. Select from various brands while choosing the placement of each instrument and control them all with a single foot pedal. Add an assistant’s cart for a customizable and ergonomic delivery system that complements your own. The modular design allows for easy upgradability of your instruments or incorporation of new technology as it develops.

asi-img4Step 3: Integrate the best technology
Consider designing your system to integrate computer monitors, USB connection ports, CPUs, and any additional required cabling neatly within the system yet with convenient access. This makes the entire system your communication control hub from treatment instruments to diagnostic devices.

In addition, keep wiring and utilities safely and attractively hidden from view. ASI’s unique Junction Box allows computer connections such as video, USB, network, and other IT connections throughout the treatment room to be easily organized along with standard utilities.

A final touch is to consider running the foot control under the floor. The foot control tubing of an ASI system can be run underneath the floor through a conduit from the junction box to the patient dental chair. This enables easy access to the foot control without tubing running across the floor.

You can convey the ultimate perception to your patients that the treatment they are receiving is a highly specialized procedure from someone with true expertise. Consider the value and confidence the patient will perceive while in your fully integrated, seamless treatment room rather than looking at scattered instrument control boxes, multiple foot pedals, and various cords draped across expensive, space-eating storage cabinets and countertops.

Whether remodeling an existing treatment room or starting from scratch, ASI brings 20 years of experience to your operatory design and planning process. We’ve coupled a service-minded customer sales and support team with a seasoned team of production experts to create the best possible solutions for your practice. Visit asimedical.net, or contact the customer sales team at 800-566-9953 for more information.

This information was provided by ASI.


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