Endodontic News - Now available: SICAT RAPID ACCESSGUIDE ‒ the First AI-based Surgical Guide Design for Endodontics

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Now available: SICAT RAPID ACCESSGUIDE ‒ the First AI-based Surgical Guide Design for Endodontics

SICAT presents world’s first for Guided Endo and creates new possibilities for root canal treatment using AI Bonn, Germany. July 18, 2023. Expanding on one of the dental industry‘s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions used in implant dentistry, SICAT can now deliver expanded treatment options in endodontics and root canal therapy using the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE. For those considering the use of surgical guides in root canal treatments, the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE provides a groundbreaking and highly economical new option: ready-to-print STL surgical guide designs based on AI, available for download in less than 20 minutes and for as low as $19.90 per tooth, all canals included.

SICAT stands for innovation in digital dentistry. Its products combine state-of-the-art technologies to optimize the dental workflow and achieve first-class treatment results. By integrating 3D scanning technology, AI-generated designs, and other pioneering approaches, SICAT enables dentists to take precision, efficiency, and patient experience to a new level. With the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE, SICAT now presents a product that creates completely new options for Guided Endo and can offer several advantages for dentists and patients alike.

“SICAT endodontic guides have become an indispensable component of my practice”, declares the endodontic specialist Dr. Scott Resnick, DMD. “Now with the option of using SICAT’s proven technology along with the speed and efficiency of producing guides on the same day, is a true game changer.”

The workflow for using the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE is extremely straightforward. Treatment planning is done in the SICAT Endo software. There, the number, shape, and length of all root canals can be determined precisely and reliably as well as the working length and depth of the cavity access. Via the SICAT Portal, SICAT‘s customer portal, the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE can be ordered after treatment planning in the software. Subsequently, the ready-to-print STL surgical guide design is downloaded and immediately imported into the 3D printer software and printed. With this fast and efficient workflow, the dentist can treat the patient within a very short time. Even same-day treatment becomes possible.

“We are thrilled to launch the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE to the market. This augmentation of our RAPID, or AI-based guides is another example of how SICAT continues to provide innovation that enables better dentistry and delights patients,” said Craig Hennings, the President of SICAT’s operations in the U.S. “Combined with SICAT Endo, dental professionals can quickly and accurately assess the needs of the patient and make a confident decision for optimal treatment outcome.”

To order the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE, all that is needed is the SICAT Endo software. Like all applications of the SICAT Suite, it is also available on a subscription basis with our SICAT Smart program for as low as $99 per month. In addition to SICAT Endo, you can also purchase SICAT Implant for instance to comprehensively weigh up the options of tooth preservation and tooth extraction. A surgical guide or a surgical guide design can be ordered individually and optionally depending on the patient case.

For more information on SICAT‘s offerings, visit sicat.com and SICAT‘s social media profiles Facebook, LinkedIn und Instagram.


As a leading innovator in the dental industry, SICAT develops and markets 3D-based analysis and planning software, surgical guides, and therapeutic appliances for various dental disciplines such as implantology, functional dentistry, sleep medicine, and endodontology and is a partner for dental practices, clinics, and dental laboratories worldwide. With its wide range of product solutions, SICAT paves the ground for advanced digital dentistry. Multiple data sources such as 3D X-ray, optical impressions, jaw movement data, and 2D intraoral sensor images can be combined with each other – for increased efficiency and quality of treatment. SICAT was founded in 2004 as a joint venture between HICAT GmbH and Sirona Dental Systems GmbH and is based in Bonn, Germany. Since the 100% takeover by HICAT GmbH on January 1, 2019, SICAT operates as a completely independent company.

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