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New Study Proves Valuable in The Push for Bio-Constructive Products

RACINE, Wis. The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry conducted new Research on Vista Apex’s Re-Gen™ product suite. Data showed the use of both Re-Gen™ Universal Adhesive and Re-Gen™ Flowable Composite Liner could help protect against erosion and secondary decay.

In a recent webinar, Dr. Nate Lawson, DMD, Ph.D. stated, “Vista Apex took the concepts we know about bioactivity and said ‘we know that if we can put calcium releasing materials into a restorative material and get it to have properties similar to a composite, then that has a clinical application because it can be used where a resin-modified glass-ionomer can’t be. They didn’t stop there saying,’ what about also incorporating ion release from our adhesive as well so that the adhesive is not just passive; it’s also participating in this ion releasing process?’ ”

The Research was conducted at the UAB School of Dentistry biomaterials testing lab. Recent biomaterials program graduate Chan Te Huang DDS, MS, and pediatric dental resident Yu Yin Lin tested the materials using the Burgess Artificial Carries Model.

“In the reference, non-ion releasing composite & adhesive group, we saw wall lesions with more demineralization on almost every specimen. When using the bioglass adhesive alone, we stopped getting the wall lesions. Then with the inclusion of bioglass containing composite, we started to see big zones of protection like those of the RMGI (Resin Modified Glass Ionomer) material.” Said Dr. Nate Lawson, DMD Ph.D.

Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Michael Miyasaki, stated, “Research, such as this done by the UAB School of Dentistry, helps us validate and get the word out about bio-generative products like RE-GEN that are critical to better patient outcomes. My colleagues appreciate projects like these that help us stop the vicious cycle of tooth decay and improve our patients’ health.”

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Sierra Kramer
Vista Apex

About Vista Apex

Vista Apex is a market leader in Endodontic and Restorative solutions. Having been a market leader in Endodontic Solutions, Vista Dental was looking to apply its chemical and biomedical expertise to its restorative line. With the acquisition of Apex Dental Materials, an innovation powerhouse was formed. Together, the Vista Apex team has a passion for being a trusted partner who provides quality solutions for our Clinicians.



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