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COLTENE®ENDO Launches CanalPro™ Ultrasonic Irrigator

COLTENE®ENDO Launches CanalPro™ Ultrasonic Irrigator

ColteneAttached to a piezo unit, the CanalPro Ultrasonic Irrigator allows for distribution of activated sodium hypochlorite to increase debridement of lateral canals and isthmuses. The autoclavable, nickel titanium tip provides excellent access to the canal while the ratcheting syringe permits controlled delivery of 0.2ml of solution with each audible click. The CanalPro Ultrasonic Irrigator fits all major ultrasonic units.


COLTENE®ENDO brands represent over a century of experience in providing essential and reliable endodontic products and materials that are clinically proven to be successful.

For more information, call Coltène/Whaledent at (330) 916-8800 or visit coltene.com.

Coltene/Whaledent, Inc. І 235 Ascot Parkway І Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 І 800-221-3046

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