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ACTEON North America releases new EndoSuccess™ Canal Access Prep (CAP) Endodontic tips

EndoSuccessACTEON North America releases new EndoSuccess™ Canal Access Prep (CAP) Endodontic tips

ACTEON North America (Mt laurel, NJ) has introduced a new set of ultrasonic tips for the Newtron Line of piezoelectric ultrasonics.  The new EndoSuccess™ Canal Access Prep ultrasonic tip kit includes 3 micro-blade tips that are the perfect solution for locating and opening hidden or calcified canals as well as shaping and finishing the access cavity.  The high strength of these tips decreases the risk of fractures, the rate at which they wear, and increases the precision during procedures such as shaping and widening canal walls, locating MB2 canals, and fragmenting calcified pulp stones.


Please come see them at the Hinman Meeting at booth 1411, the AAE meeting at booth 601 or contact your local dealer or ACTEON® for more information.

Contact: Joe Donahue
ACTEON North America
Office: 800-289-6367 | Fax: 856-222-4726
| www.us.acteongroup.com

ACTEON North America is part of The ACTEON® Group, a world leader in small equipment and consumables for dentists.  The ACTEON Group’s companies include SATELEC® Equipment, SOPRO® Imaging, and Pierre Rolland® Pharmaceutical which employ more than 650 workers worldwide.  ACTEON® continually develops innovative products for its growing international dental market.

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