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Read about Endo Practice Partners and its business principles — to operate with purpose, maintain ethical practices, operate with integrity and compassion, and maintain its affiliates’ autonomy and brand.

EPP cheesin’ for a quick photo at this year’s Southern Endo Study Group Meeting! (left to right) Alex Nolte, Jake Williams, Maddie Vandiver, Tucker Moore, and Sam Hutcheson

The sole specialty partnership organization (SPO) in the industry

Cofounded and led by a female endodontist, EPP understands the changing market and the advantage an affiliation brings to a traditional practice. The market is in a state of flux, constantly changing and evolving. Call it what you might –– SPO, ESO, DSO, SSO –– all the endodontic-focused companies in this competitive market provide similar services but with different strategies, cultures, approaches, goals, and management teams. Founded in 2019 and funded in the summer of 2020, Endodontic Practice Partners (EPP) has experienced exponential growth and creates a value proposition for affiliated practices. EPP is rich in expertise and the management team replete in their respective fields: clinical, operations, M&A, marketing, and finance.

After retiring from the preeminent endodontic group practice in Nashville with three locations and eight doctors, Dr. Terryl Propper cofounded the specialty partnership organization, EPP.

“As a past president of the AAE, many of my colleagues have asked me how I cofounded a company that consolidates practices and moves away from the traditional private practice model. I can answer that in one sentence — because I understand the changing market and the advantages the paradigm shift brings to a traditional practice, being part of a larger entity provides leverage, resources, best practices, and opportunities otherwise not attainable.”

Big smiles from EPP during the welcome reception at the inaugural Canals on Canal Conference in New Orleans, which Endodontic Practice Partners was proud to help kick-off

EPP was founded on sound business principles: to operate with purpose, maintain ethical practices, operate with integrity and compassion, and maintain our affiliates’ autonomy and brand. As a nationwide partnership of endodontic practices focused on patient care, clinical quality, and growth, EPP supports what matters most for patient care and quality of care.

We seek those practices that want to be best in class, progressive, and realize the strength that comes from being part of a larger group. Many practices don’t have the time, bandwidth, or resources to support their vision. EPP provides technology, financial guidance, operational expertise, marketing, recruiting associates and staff, HR, and business support to position our equity partners to move from success to exponential success.

How does EPP stand out in the market? We provide value to our affiliates by personalizing a strategic growth plan, by fully integrating all our affiliates, and by delivering on what we promise. EPP is not in competition to be the largest or fastest growing. Success speaks for itself.

Fuel your success by partnering with Endo Practice Partners. When you’re ready, we’d love to talk to you. Email us at terryl.propper@EPPendo.com.


This information was provided by Endo Practice Partners (EPP).


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