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Endodontic Practice US provides endodontic continuing education and other valuable resources to help you build upon your expertise in endodontics. Our continuing education is updated regularly and accessible any time, from anywhere.
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dr tom mcclammy and lisa moler

DocTalk Dental: Series with Dr. Tom McClammy

In this interview of Doc Talk Dental, Lisa Moler, Publisher & CEO of Endodontic Practice US and Implant Practice US, sits down with Dr. Tom McClammy to learn his three favorite teaching tools, how he creates brand ambassadors and his unique approach to referral cases.

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DocTalk Dental: Interview with Dr. Ace Goerig

Lisa Moler, publisher of Endodontic Practice US sits down with, Dr. Ace Goerig as he discusses the “Ace Process.” The retire in practice is a model, showing how to enjoy and love your office where you never burn out and continue to practice until you decide you want to stop. This has helped many endodontists double their net profit, eliminate drama and stress from their office while only working three days a week.

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