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In our AAE Special Section, we give you a glimpse into companies specializing in endodontic partnerships, irrigation, instrumentation, and coaching for endodontic success. Check it out!

Endo Mastery

Seminars and practice coaching for incredible endodontic success!

Visit our booth No. 239 to meet our team and practice owners who have achieved incredible growth and success with Endo Mastery practice coaching.

Endo Mastery transforms your practice into a highly productive and profitable environment that is stress-free, effortless, and fun. Our coaching programs are tailored to your vision and goals, and we support you at every stage of practice ownership from startup to mid-career growth to maximizing practice value.

Dr. Ace Goerig: Endo’s top practice growth and financial coach

At this year’s meeting, we’re pleased to sponsor the entire Practice Management Educational Track. Teamwork, scheduling, marketing, growth, finances — these are topics we love!

Come to our booth to get our AAE show special of the lowest seminar tuition we offer. Save 50% on seminars, including our popular 2-day doctor and team seminar, “Mastering the Effortless Endodontic Practice” in Orlando this September!

We are also excited to sponsor the AAE Career Fair to help residents and new endodontists get started. Visit our Career Fair table to get access to free career start resources, or to find out about our coaching program for your startup or buy-in.

Visit Endo Mastery at AAE Booth No. 239


Endodontic Practice Partners

As the sole specialty partnership organization (SPO) in the industry, co-founded and led by a female endodontist, Endodontic Practice Partners (EPP) understands the changing market and the advantage an affiliation brings to a traditional practice.

EPP was founded on sound business principles: operate with purpose, maintain ethical practices, operate with integrity and compassion, and maintain our affiliates’ autonomy and brand. As a nationwide partnership of endodontic practices focused on patient care, clinical quality, and growth, EPP seeks those practices that want to be best in class, progressive, and realize the strength that comes from being part of a larger group.

Many practices don’t have the time, bandwidth, or resources to support their vision. EPP provides help with hiring and managing staff, supply ordering, IT support, insurance negotiation, and more to position our equity partners to grow their success.

We provide value to our affiliates by personalizing a strategic growth plan, by fully integrating all our affiliates, and by delivering on what we promise. EPP is not in competition to be the largest or fastest growing. Success speaks for itself.

Endodontic Practice Partners is a proud supporter of the AAE Annual Conference. Visit us at Booth No. 365 to converse about what a partnership could look like for you. And get an updated professional picture by MK Photography at the Headshot Booth. May 3: 11 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. | May 4: 11:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. | May 5: 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Visit Endodontic Practice Partners at AAE Booth No. 365



Transform your endodontic practice with ESS

Are you losing precious time to menial tasks and searching for a comprehensive solution for your endodontic practice? Endodontic SuperSystems (ESS) is the answer. Our platform is designed for service businesses such as the dental and endodontic sectors. The platform gives the team driving instructions on your smartphone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to convert busy people into productive people.

ESS offers an adaptable plan for each stage of your practice’s growth, comprehensive training and workflows, and process technology to empower your team and improve productivity. Our learning management system and training tools streamline the onboarding process, allowing new team members to be productive sooner and increasing office income.

Our mission is to help small businesses thrive and enhance the quality of life for everyone. With a bottom-up approach, transparency, and a focus on continuous improvement and collaboration, ESS provides you with the tools to create a successful and efficient endodontic practice. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and hello to success and freedom with ESS. Request a demo today and see our revolutionary approach in action.

For a Free Trial, Request a Demo or Group Webinar at www.EndoSuperSystems.com


Continuing our focus on serving specialists

Endo1 Partners’ successful transition to Specialty1 Partners

Specialty1 Partners remains the market-leading solution to meet the specific practice management needs of dental surgical specialists. Since its launch in 2019 as Endo1 Partners, the first dental surgical specialty organization founded by endodontists for endodontists, the company has expanded to also serve oral surgeons and periodontists.

“As working endodontists juggling the complexities of treating patients and running successful practices, we saw first-hand the need for a truly doctor-focused partnership for dental specialists,” said Matthew Haddad, founder and co-CEO of Specialty1 Partners.” There are a lot of competitors that claim to be doctor-led and doctor-founded, but that simply isn’t the case, and it’s misleading to potential partners. Our vision, culture and leadership all start with dental specialists. This has allowed us to significantly outperform others in the dental surgical specialty space.”

Specialty1 Partners now supports more than 225 locations in 27 states.

“Our focus every day is supporting our partners while continuing to build partnerships with industry-leading, innovative surgical specialists,” said Daryl Dudum, founder and co-CEO of Specialty1 Partners. “It’s not just about growing our network — it’s about helping partner practices grow organically and succeed on their terms.”

Reach out to discuss what Specialty1 Partners can do for your practice. Specialty1Partners.com.

Visit Specialty1 Partners at AAE Booth Nos. 404 and 439


HighFive Healthcare

At HighFive Healthcare, we’re passionate about the business of endodontics. That’s why we partner with endodontists who are equally passionate about helping their patients. With more than 60 years of healthcare experience, our diverse team of experts works hand in hand with our partners to streamline and optimize every aspect of practice operations — recruiting, payroll, human services, IT services, data security, customer relations, branding, marketing, and office expansion. We take care of the business of teeth so our partners have more time to focus on what they do best.

Our partnership contract is simple — take care of your patients, and we’ll handle the rest. After all, it’s your practice; we just help make it better, easier, and more fulfilling. Our unrivaled culture of fun and family puts you in the lead of a robust team of experts ready to support you and the goals you have, not just for your practice, but for your life. Whether you’re after increased revenue, a more efficient operation, a larger office footprint, more time to spend with your family or the golf course, or all of the above, at HighFive Healthcare, we’re dedicated to helping our partners create their own tomorrow.

Visit HighFive Healthcare at AAE Booth No. 281



Flexible root canal irrigation needle

Successful root canal therapy relies on the combination of proper instrumentation and proper irrigation. Efficient cleaning and disinfection of complex root canal anatomy with a conventional metal needle is a challenge. In fact, the design of a metal needle faces the limits of required flexibility and effectiveness for modern endodontic procedures. Based on this, Produits Dentaires SA engineered and manufactured a unique irrigation needle with several new characteristics. IrriFlex® is the first 30G tapered-shape plastic needle with two back-to-back openings. Consequently, IrriFlex® is flexible and slides easily down to the bottom of the canal with no resistance despite variations in root canal anatomy. The two back-to-back side vents deliver balanced jets directly towards dentinal walls. The 4% conicity replicates the shape of instrumented canals and consequently maximizes shear forces during manual back-and-forth irrigation. As a result, debris, smear layer, and bio-film are disorganized and removed. Thanks to the depth marks, the working length can be controlled. IrriFlex® is the new reference needle to deliver irrigation solutions successfully during root canal treatments. It is game changer.

For more information, visit www.pd-irriflex.com.

Visit Produits Dentaires SA at AAE Booth No. 490



Quintessence Publishing

Evidence-based standards evolve as the literature changes, and practitioners must adapt their clinical practice accordingly. The second edition of this study guide, titled Endodontics Review, — known in some circles as “The Orange Book” — has been updated based on new peer-reviewed journal articles, position statements, and guidelines, and thus provides an up-to-date and comprehensive review of all the key topics in endodontics, from examination, diagnosis and prognosis, and treatment to follow-up care and complications. Radiographs of teeth before and after treatment illustrate common and uncommon situations, and dozens of helpful charts and diagrams distill the most essential information in a way that can be easily memorized. The extensive bibliographies in each chapter emphasize the most important literature for each topic and direct the reader to further sources. This is an indispensable study guide for all things endo!

Visit Quintessence Publishing at AAE Booth No. 238


3D Dental Surgical Microscope

Lightweight, fluid maneuverability, and heads-up 3D display make Seiler’s 3D dental surgical microscope a breeze to work with. Watch a seamless, magnified video image at 1080p and 60 frames per second with the fastest image processing available. With up to 28X magnification, unprecedented depth-of-field and German apochromatic lenses, it’s revolutionizing the way surgical microscopes are used worldwide. Optical instruments have been a Seiler family tradition since 1913. Seiler Instruments is a U.S. manufacturer based in America’s Heartland, St. Louis, Missouri. The Seiler Medical Division offers a wide variety of dental scopes for Enhanced General Dentistry and Endodontics and LED Surgical Loupes for applications needing low power magnification.

Visit Seiler at AAE Booth No. 611


The GentleWave® G4 System

Beyond irrigation. Beyond clean.

The GentleWave System takes you beyond canal complexity that can hinder thorough disinfection and debridement.

Inside the console, the irrigant is thoroughly degassed, precisely diluted, and continuously refreshed. Next, it enters the sealed, closed-loop delivery system, where the system’s physics- accelerated chemistry becomes truly remarkable.

The GentleWave procedure is a more effective way of cleaning teeth, including hard-to-reach areas such as the apical thirds and complex anatomies of the root canal system:

• Predictably removes up to 99.9% of biofilm1
• Effectively disinfects and debrides undetected and intricate anatomies2,3
• 4X – 8.5X greater penetration into dentinal tubules versus ultrasonic systems4

This can lead to better patient outcomes and deliver a more comfortable patient experience with reduced risk of complications:

• 96.6% of patients report mild to no pain within 48 hours5 of the procedure
• 97.7% 12-month healing rate6
• Preserves the structural integrity of the tooth

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  6. Sigurdsson A, Garland RW, Le KT, Rassoulian SA. Healing of Periapical Lesions After Endodontic Treatment with the GentleWave Procedure: A Prospective Multicenter Clinical Study. J Endod. 2018;44(3):510-517.


Test-drive a GentleWave G4 system at AAE Booth No. 501


US Endo Partners

When you share ideas, foster a growth mindset, and pursue excellence as a team, success quickly follows. This is the spirit of US Endo – the Spirit of US.

“Partnering with US Endo is so much more than a great business opportunity. Our culture is about growth in every aspect of our lives – from improving our communication skills to leadership training, to advanced clinical training courses, and beyond. Being a part of US Endo offers the chance to become not only a better endodontist, but also a better boss, a better spouse, and a better friend. What we are building is unique; I’m truly thrilled to get to be a part of it,” says Dr. Jeremy Young, US Endo Partner and Specialized Dental Director of Partner Engagement.

When it’s time to talk, talk to the first-and-only Specialized DSO with proven financial results and a supportive, growth-minded culture. Talk to US.

Visit US at booth No. 451 at AAE 23 in Chicago! You’ll find:

      • Expanded lounge space to relax and connect with other top-tier endodontists;
      • A barista-manned coffee bar featuring made-to-order drinks and other treats;
      • Multiple charging stations to keep your tech gadgets performance-ready;
      • Live recordings of season two of our successful podcast, “The Endo Files,” plus a chance to tell your story for a future special episode!
Visit US Endo Partners at AAE Booth No. 451



Visit ZEISS at AAE Booth 339 this year to get a sneak peek of the new ZEISS Surgical Cloud for EXTARO® 300.

Connect with our experts in person to learn how ZEISS microscopes can enhance your view and advance your practice.

We want to help find the best scope for you.

Already an EXTARO® 300 or PROergo® user? Swing by for some tips and tricks. Transform the way you work.

Visit https://www.zeiss.com/meditec/us/media-and-news/events/aae-2023.html?_utm_source=print&utm_medium=qr-code&utm_campaign=endo-ad-top-aae2023&utm_term=cta-event-website to learn more.

Visit ZEISS at AAE Booth No. 339

Look for the companies listed in our AAE Special Section at the AAE conference and find out how you can improve your practice for yourself and your patients!  Then, for more tips, read, Five Ways to Improve Endodontic Practice Efficiency, at https://endopracticeus.com/five-ways-to-improve-endodontic-practice-efficiency/

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